Prairie Collection

Our Prairie Collection carpets are exclusively made to order in any size for a price of $58 per square foot; lead time is 16-20 weeks. Colors are also fully customizable - you can use our suggestions or specify your own colors.

Each carpet is individually handmade of fine New Zealand wool by Goodweave-certified adult artisans, and will have slight variations as befits a hand-crafted work. These variations should not be considered a flaw, but a desirable mark of a handcrafted product which contributes to each rug’s uniqueness and individual charm. We are proud to have a part in continuing this fine artistic tradition.

Our GuildCraft Prairie Collection designs are based on carefully-researched motifs from original Prairie School designers such as F.L. Wright collaborator George Niedecken

Contact us to inquire about placing a custom order for your own Prairie-style carpet.