About Us

GuildCraft Carpets is a producer of hand-knotted ("oriental") carpets, all of which are produced by adult artisans in GoodWeave-certified weaving workshops in northern India.

We sell our Arts & Crafts Movement and Prairie School designs on our website, and also through select specialty retailers.

(You can learn about the care of our carpets here.)

We also supply bespoke carpets made to order for architects, designers, museums, historic houses, and private clients around the globe, and have also begun producing handmade artisan carpets for private label by other companies. 

Our understanding of textiles, design, architecture, and history provides a context for our work. Our research, design, and production team spans three continents and has a combination of expertise, global awareness, and a multidisciplinary vocabulary of design which makes us unique. We are also committed to best practices in ecological sensitivity and ethical working conditions in our rug weaving workshops. Read more about us on Goodweave.org.

Tracy and DanielleOur website, Twitter account, and Facebook page are maintained and updated primarily by Tracy (left), with occasional contributions by Danielle (right), Joe, Justin, and others.  You can contact us by email, phone, or fax:

Guildcraft Carpets

    105 East Fifth Street 
    Northfield, MN 55057 

    Tel 800 939 1882 
    Fax 612 223 6787