"Bespoke" and Custom Services


Reproduction period carpet

In addition to offering our retail customers the ability to customize the colors and sizes in all the designs in our collections, we also provide a fully bespoke service, supplying handmade artisan carpets to architects, artists, designers, and private clients around the world. Using the finest natural materials such as mohair, silk, hemp, New Zealand and exotic wools, and a virtually unlimited color palette, we can accommodate requests for any size.

We believe strongly in what we do, and we immerse ourselves in the details of each project from start to finish. Our understanding of design, architecture, textiles, and history provides a breadth of context for our work. Producing bespoke carpets has many facets and encompasses a variety of disciplines, from art and aesthetics to religion and ethnography, from geometry and chemistry to animal husbandry and sericulture.

After determining your requirements, we will provide you with a quote specifying the cost based on the size, materials, and structure of the carpet(s), and the amount of the design fee (which ranges from $750 to $3000, depending upon complexity). Payment of the design fee is required to produce digital artwork for the design; when the design has been approved, we will make a small sample, called a "strikeoff" or "hand trial", for color approval. This is included in the design fee. Once the strikeoff has been approved, the actual production process can begin. This process typically takes about six months; you will be given a timeline specific to your project when the order is placed.

All our carpets are produced in our GoodWeave-certified weaving workshops in India, Pakistan, or Nepal, where ancient cultural weaving traditions are paired with a commitment to child-free labor and sustainable environmental practices, and supervised by managers whom we know personally. This way, we can ensure that our strict labor and quality requirements are followed. We use experienced and competent weavers, who take pride in their work and are recognized by top pay in the industry.   You can see stories and examples of some of our projects on our blog.

We would consider it a privilege to work with you. Please contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements.